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Welcome You All To The New IWB Co-operative “Build A Better World” Platform.

Here We Will Use Two Key Words In Many Of Our Blog Post. 1. You 2. Eye

The Reason For This Is, It Is All About “You “And The “Eye” Of Which “Eye” Often Speak Of Is The Mind’s Eye? You And Your Mind’s Eye Are The Two Most Important Things When It Comes To Your Own Evolution, Transformation And Change.

We Will Start By Changing The Mind’s Eye To Doing Away With The Use Of The Single Letter “I”… The Single Letter “I” Is The Ego “I” And The Selfish “I” Of Selfishness. Many Years Ago Eye Did Away With The Letter “I” And Only Use “Eye” From The Mind’s Eye When Eye Write.

The Use Of The Mind’s Eye Will Not Only Teach You To Be Selfless, It Also Teaches You To Be Co-operative.

The Universe Is Co-operative, Meaning The Sun, Moon And Stars Are Not Working Independent Of The Universe, They Are All Working Together In Harmony Within The Universe. Therefore, We Should Be Working In Harmony Here On This Earth?

In Fact, According To My Galactic Signature Reading, Eye Was Born With The Crystal Tone Of “Co-operation.” This According To The Olmec Natural Time Calendar, Is The 12th Tone Of The Universe And We Were Very Much Made From Star Dust Of The Spiraling Boundless Universe.

In Fact, Eye Am Currently In The Process Of Creating An Online University Called U.O.U Or University Of The Universe. U.O.U And I.O.U. I.O.U Is Simply Innerstanding, Overstanding And Understanding.

With These Three We Will Have The Proper Standing In Society. A Wise Woman Once Said… “The Truth Has Feet And It Will Stand On It’s Own When It Get There”.

Also According To This Natural Time Calendar Made Mention Of Above, My Incarnation Is That Of The Truth, Also Known As The “Sword Of Truth.” As Some Of You Who Have Known Me For Sometime, May Remember Eye Created The “Truth-Brary” Many Years Ago?

The Purpose Of The “Truth-Bary Is To Contrast The Library, Where Mostly Lies Are Buried.

My Duty As The Founder And Trustee Of IWB Co-operative Is To Enlighten You Of It’s Founding Principles, It’s Purpose And Overall Mission.

Eye Trust That You All Will Feel Enlightened, On The Date Of Release Of This Post, Our New Website And Mobile APP. The Date Of This Post Is Scheduled To Be Released On November 22, 2018, Which Is Thanksgiving Day And Also My Birthday.

Thank You All For Visiting Our New Website And Downloading The New Mobile APP Of The Indigenous Water Bank Co-operative.

Love Absolutely,
King El Rey