Our Causes

According To UNESCO, 4,500 Children Are Dying Per Day From Water Related Illnesses. According To The Flying Dutchman Report An Average Of 1,600,000 People Are Dying Per Year From Water Related Diseases. According To UNICEF United States Fund, Unsafe Drinking Water Claims 3.4 Million Lives Every Year. However, If The Body Is In Fact 90 To 95 Percent Water, Then It Is Safe To Say That A Vast Majority Of The World’s Health Problems Are Water Related.


IWB Co-operative Is On A Mission To Minimize The Water Crisis, Water Shortage And Death Toll Caused By Water Related Illnesses. Intestinal And Respiratory Illnesses Are Death Sentences To 1400 Children Each Day Due To Consistent Lack Of Access To Clean Water And Sanitation. Water Is The Number One Killer And Life Saver On Planet Earth And IWB’s Objective Is To Bring Awareness To The Fact That Just Because Water Looks Safe, Clean And Drinkable, Doesn’t Necessarily Mean That It Is.

This Water is NOT SAFE TO DRINK!