The Mission Of IWB Co-Operative Is To Build A Better World And Provide People With The Best Water The Planet Earth Has To Offer. We Endeavor To Improve The Quality Of Life On Earth.

According To The United Nations, More Than 2.6 Billion People Are Without Clean Drinkable Water. The Indigenous Water Bank Co-Operative Work With Several Indigenous Peoples, Humanitarian Organizations And Consumer Co-Operatives In An Effort To Minimize The On-Going Water Crisis.

The Indigenous Water Bank Co-Operative Has Been Established For About 9 Years Now And We Have Grown Exponentially In The Private Sector. We Have Expanded Into A More Advance Wealth Consciousness Mind Set In Order To “Build A Better World For Future Generations.” Not Only Is Our Premium Artesian Water A Universal Solvent, It Is Also A Universal Currency Provided By The Indigenous Water Bank Co-Operative.

Our Global Mission And Vision Is To Open Up Water Banks All Over The World. The Water Bank Ideology Is Simple, Instead Of Just Having Traditional Banks As To Where You Walk Into The Bank To Withdraw Or Deposit Money, You Will Also Be Able To Walk Into The Bank To Get Water. Universal Water Of Which Flows Forever Is Always Something You Can Bank On And It Would Be Great If You All Would Come And Bank With Us.

Indigenous Water Bank, Bank Cards Is Something We Inspire To Provide To All Members And Shareholders. To Learn More About The Indigenous Water Bank Co-Operative Please Call 1-844-IWB-COOP.

Uniquely Designed, Self-Sustaining Cooperative System, Of Which Ensures The Recycling Of Consumer Dollars And Residual Income.
Making Ground-breaking Achievements In The Private Sector And 413th Successful Applicant Of The Co-Op On Behalf Of The ICA.
Partnered With Many Businesses Includes Amazon Prime, National Car, Emerald Club, Alamo, Enterprise Truck Rental And Many More.


IWB Co-operative Is A Global Co-operative, Just As Consumer Co-operatives Should Be. We Are An International Non-Government Organization, Not-For-Profit Consumer Co-operative, Who Operates In A Market Place Independent Of The State.

All Authentic Co-operatives Should Be Autonomous And Independent According To Article 4 Of The Internationally Recognized Co-operative Principles. We Only Adhere To Universal Law And Universal Principles, Such As The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, The Declaration Of The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples And The 7 International Co-operative Principles Of International Co-operatives. Please See International Co-Op Alliance @

We Are Globally Recognized And Are Grateful For The Global Platforms Being Put In Place By Organizations Such As ICERM To Bring About Peaceful Conflict Resolution That Were “Historically Recognized In Ancient Societies Or Are Currently Being Used By Traditional Rulers-Kings, Queens, Chiefs, Village Heads And Indigenous Leaders At The Grassroots Level And In Different Parts Of The World To Mediate And Resolve Disputes, Restore Justice And Harmony And Foster Peaceful Co-Existence In Our Various Constituencies, Communities And Countries.” – ICERM

IWB Co-operative Supply Clean Pure Artesian Water.


The Indigenous Water Bank Co-operative © Now Consist Of Many New Departments And Has Expanded Globally. Humanitarian Projects, Water Distribution And Partnership Funding Is A Very Lucrative Part Of IWB’s Elite Framework Of Co-operative Economics. We Are A Self-Help Organization In The Business Of Supplying Water That Is Indispensable For Human Health And A Co-operative System Of Economics Designed To Build A Better World.

IWB Co-operative Inspires To Be An Elite Co-Op Of Coops, While Encouraging Others To Help Us Build A Better World. From 2012 To 2020, We Inspire To Build A New World, As To Where Humanity Can Collaborate And Cooperate Like Never Before.

We Have Found A Way To Work Through Our Differences And Are Focused On What Is Needed To Ensure Our Survival, Security And Sustainability. No More Debating, And No More Belligerence, Just Cooperation And Brilliance. IWB Is Expanding Globally And Servicing Humanity Throughout The World.


IWB Co-Operative Has Won Several Awards Over The Past 4 Years. Two Financial Awards, Two Best Community Organization Awards And Four Best Water Awards In Atlanta Georgia Over The Past 4 Years.



The International Co-Op Alliance Maintains The Internationally Recognized Definition Of A Co-Operative In The Statement On The Co-operative Identity. The ICA Represents 272 Co-operative Federations And Organizations In 94 Countries (January 2014).

On April 10, 2014 IWB Co-operative Was The 413th Successful Applicant Of The Co-Op Marquee On Behalf Of The International Co-operative Alliance. The Indigenous Water Bank Co-operative Is Making Groundbreaking Achievements In The Private Sector And Has Achieved Global Recognition. In The Build A Better World Co-Op Book, Pauline Green States That Co-Ops Are Autonomous, Sovereign Businesses, In A Multitude Of Different Sectors Of The Economy.



NCBA CLUSA Is The Apex Association For Co-operative Businesses In The United States And An International Development Organization. NCBA CLUSA Provides Cross-Sector Education, Support And Advocacy That Helps Co-Ops Thrive. IWB Co-operative Is A Proud Member Of NCBA CLUSA International And Is Grateful For The Opportunities NCBA Has Provided IWB Thus Far.

On August 5, 2013 NCBA CLUSA International Welcomed “IWB Co-operative” Into The Network Of 30,000 Co-Ops Throughout The Us. This As Far As IWB Is Concerned, Only Enhances Our Ability To Do Trade, Commerce And Co-operative Economics With Other Co-operative.


On November 12, 2013, At The Annual Cooperatives Conference In Washington DC, “King El Rey” Founder Of “IWB Co-operative” And “Exotic Paradise Co-operative Boutique,” Had The Pleasure Of Meeting And Recording Congressman Chaka Fattah, A Well Known Associate Of President Obama. At The 2013 Annual Cooperative Conference In Washington DC, Congressman Chaka Fattah, 2nd District, Pennsylvania, Declared That The US Congress Will Be Implementing Ground-breaking Laws In Support Of The Cooperative Movement And The Internationally Recognized Cooperative Principles.

food senegal

On June 28, 2013, President Obama Toured The Food Security Project In Senegal Highlighting NCBA CLUSA’S Work In Feed The Future Initiative. NCBA CLUSA Is The Lead Implementer In The USAID-Funded Yaajeende Project And Was One Of Six Booths That Directly Reported Results To President Obama. Nutritional Power Of The Fruit From The Baobab Tree That Is Being Used In The Project To Boost Nutrition And Help With The Absorption Of Other Vitamins And Minerals.


June 25, 2013 The United States Of America Department Of State Annexed IWB Co-operatives Water Rights. Secretary Of State John Kerry Authenticated The Water Rights Of IWB Co-operative.