Frequently Asked Questions About Water

What Makes IWB Artesian Water Different Than All The Other Artesian Waters?

IWB Has Won The Awards For The Best Water 4 Consecutive Years In A Row And Have Been Inducted Into The Atlanta Business Hall Of Fame. To Answer Your Question: Primarily The Silica, The C4 And C3 Plants And The Rich Mineral Deposits From The Rain Water. Silica Is A White Crystalline Compound Of Which Can Be Found In Quartz Crystals. Our Water Is Recharged 515 To 1,275 Feet Underground From The Rain Water, Which Entrains Carbon Dioxide In The Soils Horizon And The Mineral Deposits Below The Earth Surface. Since The Creation Of This Planet Called Earth, Rain Water Has Been Washing Down Minerals From The Mountains Into The Ocean And Into The Earth. According To Sang Whang At The Bottom Of The Ocean There Are Tons Of Mineral Deposits Precipitated. However, There Are Also Mineral Deposits Below The Earth’s Surface Of Which Happens To Enrich Our Water With Minerals And Places It In A Perfectly Balanced Form.

What Do You Mean In A Perfectly Balanced Form?

The Water Is As Pure As Can Be And It Is Perfect In Nature. Undiluted, Untainted And Untouched. The Leading Water Authority In The World And The Indigenous Peoples Have Confirmed It. According To The Carbon 14 Analysis Report, Our Water Is 2,560 Years Old, Which Means Our Water Is Indigenous Water Being Distributed By The “Indigenous Water Bank.” To Put It Simple: When It Rains, The Rain Water Seeps Into The Ground And Recharges Our Water With Carbon Dioxide, Rich Minerals In The Earth, Silca, Quartz Crystals And Tritium, The Water Then Comes Up Through The Underground Aquifer In The Purest Form With Enhanced Molecules And TDS Less Than 2. Solar Radiation And Photosynthesis Is Also A Part Of Our Waters Activation.

What Is TDS?

TDS Is What Is Known As Total Dissolve Solids And Total Dissolved Solids Generally Deals With The Hardness Of Water And The Amount Of Chemicals It Contains. Most Leading Water Brands On The Market Have A Very High Number Of TDS. Furthermore, Other Leading Brand Bottled Water Also Contains A Significant Amount Of Petroleum In Their Water As Well.

Are You Saying That IWB Water Brand Does Not Have Petroleum In It?

Precisely, We Prefer Glass Bottles And Pouches. We Also Use UV Protectant Amber Glass Bottles For The More Advance Water And Liquid Gold.

What About Distilled Water And Reverse Osmosis Water?

Distillation Is A Process In Which Water Is Boiled, Free Of Dissolved Minerals And Because Of This, Water Of Which Does Not Have Minerals Has Long Term Damaging Effects On Your Body. Distilled Water And Reverse Osmosis Water Flushes Your Body Of Minerals Such As Magnesium, Which Causes Irregular Heart Beats, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis And Gout. Please See “Truth About Distilled Water” By Paavo Airola. Paavo Airola Wrote About The Dangers Of Distilled Water In The 1970’s, When It Became Popular In Health Food Stores, As A Health Food Product. Furthermore, Distilled Water Is Often Used In Coke Products, Other Soft Drinks And Batteries.


Is It True That Tap Water Is Better Than Bottled Water?

Well, Not Necessarily, Because Water Is A Very Powerful Solvent And It Can Carry Many Invisible Substances, Even Though The PH In Tap Water Is Higher Than Most Bottled Water, It Still Doesn’t Account For All Of The Other Invisible Toxins, Dioxins And Parasites In Tap Water. A Wise Man From Detroit Told Me That He Saw Something That Look Like “Little Monkeys” In His Tap Water At Home, And Eye Told Him That It Was Parasites And Ecoli. So, Eye Don’t See How This Can Be Any Better Than Ordinary Bottled Water. Especially, When It Is Known To Cause A Variety Of Deadly Diseases.


What Is Alkaline Water?

Most Of The World Nowadays Have Gotten Excited About Alkaline Water, When Eye Tell People All The Time That Tap Water Is Alkaline Water. The PH Of Most Tap Water Ranges From 7.0 To 8.0, However, Tap Water Is Still Toilet Water Filled With Parasites And Deadly Chemicals. This Is Proof That Just Because Water Is Alkaline, Doesn’t Make It Good Drinkable Water. There Are A Variety Of Factors Of Which Determine Whether One Is Drinking Good Water And PH Is Only A Small Portion Of It. IE., TDS, ORP, And A Variety Of Other Hidden Chemicals And Factors Are To Be Consider. Eye Hear A Lot Of People Saying That Kangen Water Is The Best Water, But That Is Simply Not True. In My Opinion, The Kangen Water Electrolysis Machine Is Probably The Best Electrolysis Machine On The Market.

However, It Still Does Not Qualify As The Best Water Of All. Kangen Water Is Very Good Transformed Tap Water, But It Is Certainly Not The Best Water For Pregnant Women, And In Most Cases It Still Has Many Invisible Toxins, Such As Fluoride From The Tap Water Transformed By The Machine. Also, The High PH From The Kangen Water Machine Doesn’t Remain Consistent Over Time And The TDS In Kangen Water Is Also Very High; Which Makes The Water Heavy On The Stomach.

Most People Are Unaware That Some Of The Most Important Minerals And Electrolytes Are Stripped From Water When Using Water Ionizers Or Filtered Water Filtration Systems. At IWB Cooperative We Prefer To Enhance Our Water With Liquid Gold, Silica And Far Infrared Stones. Even When We Do Filtration, It Must Be By Way Of Precious Metals, Stones And Crystals Of Which Enhance The Minerals, Instead Of Stripping It To Water Without Substance.

Furthermore, We Use Quantum Technology For Water Enhancement As Well. This Is Not To Say Don’t Use Water Ionizers, Because Eye Use Them From Time To Time To Transform Tap Water, But Eye Am Sure To Follow With The Above Mentioned Enhancements.

What Is The PH Of IWB Water?

It Ranges From 6.5 To 7.0 PH As A Base Water In The Purest Form, Which Is Usually Enhanced In Between 8.5 PH To Around 10.5 PH. However, The ORP Is Very Low Around -200MV, Which Is Very Good For Treating Ailments In The Body. IWB Cooperative Carry Gold Water Sticks, Alkaline Water Pitchers And Quantum Vacuum Water Cups To Supply You With The Best Water On The Planet And The Water Can Be Engineered Based Upon Your Preference. It Is Always Best To Begin With The Best Water Source And Water Base, Rather Than Trying To Turn Bad Water Into Good Water. The Objective Is To Make Good Water Into The Best Water, Not Try To Make Bad Water Into Good Water.

Will Your Water Make Me Feel Better?

Absolutely! Our Water Is Much Softer, Smoother And More Ancient Than Any Other Water Eye Have Ever Tasted. If You Don’t Believe That, Just Stop By The Coop And We Will Give You A Free Bottle Of It At No Cost To You. The Minerals In Our Water Are The Minerals Of Which You’re Body Need For Longevity And Well Being. Our Water Will Make Your Children Strong, Keep Your Heart Healthy And Flush Your System Of Chemicals And Diseases.

Why Do Some People Say Their Ankles, Knees And Joints Ache When It Rains?

This Is Due To The Bad Water Consumed And The Fluid Build Up Is Having Damaging Effects On The Body. Rain Water Is Connected To All The Water On The Planet, Even The Acidic Water In Ones Ankles, Knees And Joints.

Remember, My Saying That Arthritis And Gout Is Caused By Distilled Water From Soft Drinks, So The Bad Water In Ones Body Must Be Replaced By Good Water And The Worse Water Must Be Replaced By The Best Water. Alzheimer’s Is Only Aluminum In The Sac Of Water Around The Brain And The Aluminum Must Be Removed From The Water In Order For You To Remember How Important It Is To Have Undiluted Water In The Purest Form.

Why Do Some People Have Such A Heavy Odor To Their Urine?

When One Has A Heavy Odor From Their Urine, Most Of The Time It Has To Do With The Chemicals From The GMO Foods And Contaminated Water In Their Body. However, Studies Have Shown That Heavy Consumers Of Soft Drinks, Red Meat And Pharmaceutical Drugs Spill Large Amounts Of Toxins In Their Urine. Foul Odor Urine Is Common Amongst Women Due To The Bacteria Build Up In The Womb And The Kidneys. IWB Water Is Known To Remove Foul Odor From The Urine And Change The Color From A Dark Yellow To A Very Light Yellow. Some People Urine Are Darker Than The Yellow Hull On A Lemon.

Speaking Of Lemons, What Happens When You Squeeze A Lemon Into Water?

The PH Of The Water Drops To A Very Low Acidic Value. However, The Lemons Provide Many Health Benefit When Consumed In Pure Water. Again, PH Does Not Dictate The Health Benefits Of Water And Lemons Are A Prime Example Of This. Lemons Are Known For Building Up A Resistance To Disease, Based Upon Them Having Strong Anti-bacterial Effects, Immunity Defense And Fighting Infections. Lemons Are Rich In Calcium, Vitamin C And Magnesium, Of Which Distilled Water And Reverse Osmosis Water Removes From The Body. Even Though The PH In Lemon Water Is Very Low It Has Many Health Benefits:

  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Freshens Your Breathe
  • Clears Your Skin
  • Promotes Weight Loss
  • Cleanses The Liver
  • Aids The Body In Digestion
  • Fight Infections
  • Builds A Resistance To Diseases

What Makes Your Co-op Different From Other Co-ops?

We Don’t Have Any Employees, Even Though Dun And Bradstreet Reported That We Had Two Employees On The Internet And We Made $110,000 In 2012. Well, The Truth Is King El Rey Spent $ 110,000 In 2010-11 To Establish IWB Co-operative With His Own Money And IWB Has Never Had Any Employees Since Its Inception.

  • We Only Have Member Owners, Associates, Participants, Contractors And Volunteers
  • We Have Two Prices For All Products We Do In House Financing
  • We Are An INGO, Not-For-Profit-Organization And Coop All In One
  • We Operate In The Private Sector
  • We Don’t Require You To Have A Social Security Number To Bank With Us
  • We Supply A Very Unique Form Of Education

Why Should I Join Your Co-op?

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Higher Education
  • Sustainable Healthcare
  • Autonomy, Independence And Freedom
  • Community Development
  • Property Ownership
  • Highest Quality Products, Goods And Services
  • Product Discount And Tax Exemption

How Can I Benefit From Your Water Distribution Business?

You Can Benefit In A Variety Of Ways: Everybody And Everything Needs Water. In Particular, A Perfectly Balanced Water. The Basic Benefits Of Our Water Distribution Can Occur From A Variety Of Locations:

  • Distribution Sales Globally
  • Children Hospitals
  • Veterinarian Dog Clinics
  • Convenient Stores
  • Health Food Stores
  • Youth Football Teams
  • College Athletes
  • Professional Athletes
  • Supplying Fresh Clean Water To People In Other Countries Without Water
  • Fitness Centers

The List Goes On.

What Is The Image On Your IWB Labels All About?

The Image On Our Water Label Is About Cooperative Economic, Cosmic Consciousness And Coming Together. The Image Is An Image Of Ancient Olmec King Who Was One Of The Original Founders Of Cooperative Economic And Indigenous Trade Networks Several Thousands Of Years Ago. In The Olmec Hieroglyphs The Symbol Is The Letter C, And Compound Elements, Of Which Provide A Solution To Our Problems Broken Down Like A Fraction.

Why Is IWB Opening A Financial Institution?

Simply Because We Must Have Economic Empowerment And Be In Control Of Our Own Financial Future.