Thank You Donors
And All Of Those
Who Have
Supported Our Mission!

We Would Like To Take This Opportunity To Thank Our Donors And All Of Those Who Have Supported Our Mission, As We Continue Our Efforts To Ensure That There Is Clean Drinkable Water And Proper Sanitation For All, In Addition To Good Food, Clothing And Shelter For Everyone. There Is No Need For Poverty, People Without Toilets, People Without Food And People Without Water For Bathing. Some People Are Spending In Between $50 And $100 A Month On Cell Phones, But Wont Spend 50 Cents A Day To Save A Child’s Life. This Has To Change And Humanity Must Evolve From Immature And Selfish Ways Of Being. Meaning, Even If You Chose Not To Support IWB Co-operative In Its Efforts To Build A Better World, Please Support Any Other Organization Of Your Preference For The Common Good. It Is Time For Humanity To Be More Selfless And Co-operative, Rather Than Selfish And Uncooperative.

Philanthropy Is Based Upon Voluntary Action For The Common Good And We Must Assure That The Request Of Our Philanthropist, Donors And Prospective Donors Merit Is Respected By The General Public. However, Some Donors Choose To Be Anonymous And We Will Respect Their Right To Be Anonymous. Proudly, We Would Like To Give A Special Thanks To Rick Garcia From The Apache Tribe For His $10,000 Donation To IWB Co-operative And Exotic Paradise Co-operative Boutique. We Would Also Like To Thank Angela Lupardus A Cherokee Native For Her Donation Of $1000 To Exotic Paradise Co-operative Boutique. This Is Just The Beginning And It Is Good To See That The Indigenous Peoples Are Taking A Stand For The Common Good. We Would Also Like To Thank The Private Investors For Their Water Investments And Those Who Have Received Great Returns From Their Water Investments Through IWB Co-operative.

Our Primary Objective Is To Show Transparency, Integrity And Assurance To New Donors, Who Should Have Full Confidence And Trust In The Not-For-Profit Organization They Are Being Asked To Support. We Look Forward To Our Expansion Into The Social Media And Assisting Other Organizations With Their Development And Expansion As Well. One Of The Many Good Things About IWB Co-operative Is The Fact That, Our System Is Designed To Alleviate Conflict, Rivalry And Competition. This Simply Means That We Do Not Compete With Other Organizations, We Prefer To Co-operate With Other Cooperatives And Non Profits Who Truly Work For The Common Good Of Humanity.

Thus, If You Have A Good Business Idea Of Your Own And Would Like To Establish Your Own Non Profit, Not-For-Profit Or Co-operative Of Co-operators, We Are Glad To Assist In The Development Of This, Because This To Us Is But Merely And Piece Of The Co-operative Puzzle. All Of The Indigenous Early Cities And Empires Were Built By Tribal People, Who Built Highly Evolved Co-operatives Like Microbes And Bacteria. Please Reference The Evolutionary Biologist Elisabet Sahtouris, Who Have Spent A Lot Of Time With Indigenous Peoples And Have Been Provided A Wealth Of Knowledge On The Mature Co-operative Phase Of Evolution. The Advantages Of Co-operation Is Self Evident And We Should Strive To Alleviate Global Hunger, Pollution And Water Related Illnesses. Although We Realize That Your Donations Alone Will Not Solve All Of The Above Mentioned Issues, But Your Investment Will Make A Tremendous Impact And Effect Change Exponentially.