Eye Learned Something About Aquafina Water Eye Did Not Know. After Converting It With IWB Water, 3 Seconds Later It Turned Back Into Battery Acid! Crazy! Eye Never Seen Water Do That Before.

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Indigenous Water Bank Co-Operative

IWB CO-OPERATIVE Offers A Uniquely Designed, Self-Sustaining, Alternative Co-Operative System, Of Which Ensures The Recycling Of Consumer Dollars, Continuity Programs And Residual Income.

The Indigenous Water Bank Co-Operative Also Offers In House Financing And Sustainable Development Within It’s Framework And Infrastructure. Safety And Security Are Other Key Components Of Our Uniquely Modeled Framework.



Awards For Excellence

On May 21 2014, IWB Co-Operative (Indigenous Water Bank Co-op) Was Awarded ” The 2014 Best Of Atlanta Award” By The Atlanta Awards Program, On Behalf Of The “US Awards Program,” As The Best Bottled Water Supplier In Atlanta, Georgia. IWB Was Also Recognized As Having The Best Business Model. Furthermore, IWB Won Several Other Awards In 2015, 2016 And 2017 And Also 2018. In Fact, IWB Has Won All The Awards For Water In The Past 5 Years And Three Financial Awards In The Past 3 Years.

IWB As The Industry Leader In A New Brand Of Water Need The Support Of New Donors Who Will Aid Us In Meeting The Demand For This Water AND PUT AND END TO THIS HORRIBLE DEATH TOLL.


Not Only Do We Need New Water, We Need A New System…

We Encourage New Donors To Support Our Water Mission To Aid The 2.6 Billion People In Need Of Clean Drinkable Water And Adequate Sanitation. We Inspire To Minimize Obesity, Ebola, Cancer And Unemployment With Our Water, Which Has Been Coined As “The Best Water On The Planet.” The World Needs This Water For Economic Progress, Health And Organic Foods. Please Help Us Build A Better World.

Donate Water Bank Co-operative

Thanks To Trustwave We Also Have One Of The Best Personal Information Security Systems On The Market, Mandated By All Of The Major Credit Card Associations Including: American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard Worldwide, Visa, Inc. And Visa Europe. Therefore, We Have Completed The PCI Certification Process And Our Systems Are In Compliance With The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This Is Only To Encourage Donors, Members And Other Clients That Your Personal Information Is Secured When Conducting Business With IWB Co-operative And “Exotics Paradise Co-operative Boutique.”


We Are Currently Preparing For Donor Season And This Year IWB Co-operative Will Be Doing Its Own Not-For-Profit Fundraising, Based Upon Our Experience In Paying Other Nonprofit Organizations Claiming To Support Our Mission And Receiving Absolutely Nothing From Them, We Have Learned Our Lesson. IWB Co-operative Paid This Particular Fundraising Organization Nearly $70.00 Per Month To Assist Us In Fundraising And We Did Not Receive A Penny In A Whole Year. However, They Raised Millions In Fundraising.