Welcome To IWB Co-op Root Domain. A Domain Of Which Can Only Be Used By Real Co-ops. We Are Dot Coop, Not .com. This Is What Is Referred To As TLD Or Top-Level Domain And We Are Happy To Have You Here.

We Are Not A Hybrid Co-op, Where 49% Of The Co-op Is Corporate. We Are 100% Co-operative And Independent Of Government. This Is Private Sector Business At Its Finest.

The New Paradigm Co-op Era…


“Anyone Who Profits Off Of You Being Blind, Will Never Inspire You To See.”

“When Eye Walk Into A Room, The Presence Of God Has Entered.”

“Always Pay Attention To Those Who Don’t Clap When You Win.”

“If You Are Not Willing To Work For It Then Do Not Complain About Not Having It.”

“Sometimes The Most Valuble Presence Is Not Being Present, In Order For People To Overstand Your True Value.”


This Is Ebrima Ba From The Food, Clothing And Shelter Documentary.

On Behalf Of IWB Co-op, We Would Like To Say Thank You For The Plug.

This Is Our Lifestyle, Our Way Of Life And We Are Living In Truth (LIT). So, This Is Not To Be Just Viewed As A Water Company, But Rather A One Stop Shop About Co-op Living. Live Life To The Fullest And Live In Truth. Our Music Is Important To Us, Our Communities Are Important To Us And Our Freedoms Are Important To Us.

Please Take Your Time And Navigate The Site. It Will Take Some Time To Do So, As This Is Our 14th Year Of Being Established As A Co-op. We Came From Humble Beginnings And Have Experienced A Lot Over The Past 14 Years. However, We Are Now In Phase 2 Of Our Establishment.

Below Are A Few Photos Of Where We Started 14 Years Ago, But The Images Will Reflect From 11 Years Ago Online, As We Began Posting 3 Years After Being Established. .


Notice The Olmec Mural Painted On The Walls, A Real Olmec Stone Head And All The Olmec Oracle Of Mirrors Scrolls Written By Yours Truly In 2011. Our Point Of Sales System Also Had Our Co-op Name Displayed On The Screen.


Notice The Olmec Language Glyphs Painted On The Wall And Some Of The Products Of Which Were In That Particular Co-op Location.

We Had A Little Massage Therapy And Spa Setup In The Backroom, With El Dorado City Of Gold Painted On The Walls Also. We Were Amongst The First People To Have Far Infared Saunas At The Time.

We Had To Manueuver Around All Of The Attempts To Sabotage What We Are About And What We Stand For. Thus, Eye Had To Make All Kinds Of Moves To Avoid The Messiness Of Our People. All The Cross Contamination Attempts By Our Haters Have Failed Thus Far. Whew! A Word Of Advice Is “Avoid People With Low Vibrations At All Cost And Avoid All People With Hidden Agendas.”

Eye Am Immune To The Jealousy Of Others And We Have Since Moved On & We Are Now In Phase 2 Of Our New Developments. So, All Things From This Section Will Start From 2024 And Go Backwards. BTW/By The Way, We Would Like To Say Thank You To The Thousands Of People Who Have Registered For The IWB Co-op Real-Estate Investment Program.

These Were Our First Two Co-op Locations As You Can See On The Google Map Data Search. Notice One Has A Hyphen And The Other Doesn’t? The One With The Hyphen Is The International Standard For The Co-operative Business Model. We Are Really An Indigenous Water Co-operative Bank, But Was Being Recognized As A Credit Union.

We Are The First Entity Of Our Kind With A Totally New Co-operative System. This Was By Design, As We Are Different Than All Other Entities And Pride Ourselves On Being Different. Having The Courage To Embrace Your Differences Is An Attribute Of A Sigma Male. Ordinary People Do Ordinary Things And Extraordinary People Do Extraordinary Things. Doing The Same Thing That Everyone Else Is Doing Has Never Been Attractive To Me. However, Please Enjoy Your Tour And May You Be Prosperous In All Of Your Endeavors. -KESER

WHO IS XI (SHE)? PART 2 By: King El Rey©

This Is Scroll # 19 A Sequel From Scroll #13 Who Is (XI) She? Part 1. People Of All Ages Love This Scroll, Whether Young Or Old, Man Or Woman. Many Of The Secrets In This Scroll Is Why Most Relationships In This World Fail And Many Of The Secrets In This Scroll Has The Potential To Change Relationships In Between Men And Women Worldwide In My View.

You Don’t Have To Take My Word For It, Just Ask Anyone Who Has Read It Or Experience It For Yourself. Information Displayed Publically Is Available For Anyone To Learn From And Eye Am Grateful For All The Heartfelt Comments About The Contents Of My Blogs. However, The Scrolls Are Mostly Geared Towards The Chosen Ones.


The Chosen One, The Mirror & The Sigma-KESER


Featured In This Scroll Is The Newest Royal Family Member Of The Imperial Xi (She) Clan Dynasty

We Are Happy To Welcome The Newest Member Of The Royal Family.

Princess Waconda Balaam El-Rey

She Represents The “Lotus Flower Of The Blood Moon” And The Blood Clan Of The Royal Bloodline Of Muluk. Her Galactic Sign-In-Nature Is Muluk The Red Rhythmic Moon, A Future Galactic Activation Portal Of Purification. We Will See That She Is Protected From Those Whom Have Gone A Stray And Lost Their Way.-KESER

Call It The Sacred Wisdom Of The Sigma. Below Is A Video Intended To Give You All Some Insight Of Sigma Men And The Value We Bring To The World.


This Is Our New Co-op Landscaping Company To Ensure That All Of Our Communities Are Clean & Safe For The Children To Play.


Prince ChiKan El-Rey Wins Yet Another Rap Battle Award. In Order To Be A Word-Play Master You Must Be Able To Free Style And Build Your Bars Around The Words They Flash On The Screen. This Requires Real Skill And This Is Only A Display Of How Dedicated We Are To Our Craft.

He Is Now Crowned The New “Word-Play” Master, Eye Thought Eye Was But He Is… Lol! We Don’t Be Knowing What To Tell Y’all Because Y’all Be “Hate-In” Big Time. However, We Are Never Worried About Any Of That. Why? Because The El-Rey Family Motto Is: “The God In Me Is Everything, We Not Worried About Anything, Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing And Eye Don’t Want To Hear Nothing.”


Click Link Below For Chattin Remix

March 22, 2024 As Stated The Release Is Official

Happy New Year By: King El Rey© Feat. Prince Chikan

Not Many Real People Left In This World And Eye Dedicate This To All The Real Ones

Selfmade Sigma Auto-didacticism

BREAKING NEWS: IWB Co-op Has Now Won It’s 8th Comsecutive Financial Award And It’s 10th Consecutive Water Award In 2023. Thank You Atlanta. WE Are Grateful To Be In The Business Hall Of Fame.

DECEMBER 6, 2023


KIN 47







KIN 49

The New Scroll Is Now Also Available On Link Above

A Must Read Scroll #18

This Is My 18th Book Written And Fan Club Members Will Be The First To Have Access.


Moon-Day October 9, 2023

Muluk Red Lunar Moon

Kin 249

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day Everyone. Below Is A Video Of My Visit To The City Of Gold Today In What Is Now Known As Dahlonega, Which Was Originally Tahlonega Meaning Golden. It Was Confirmed Today By Curator Sam Who Worked For Disney A Total Of 36 Years And The Assayers That The Purest Gold In The World Is Here In America, Not Africa.

Eye Went To The Consolidated Gold Mine And Saw It For Myself. The First Gold Rush Was Here In Atlan/Utla Now Called Georgia. Most Are Unaware How Much Gold Is Here And It Being The Purest Gold In The World. They Had Gold From Canada There, Australia And Other Places, But None As Pure As The Tahlonega/Dahlonega Gold.

Please Research The Gold Belt From Georgia To Alabama. Our People Have Been Programed To Praise Africa And Hate America. This Is Yet Another Trick By Your Oppressor. Eye Have Done Extensive Research Worldwide And We Were Here First, Not Africa And It Has Been Proven That The Olmecs Were The First Civilization. The Evidence Is Overwhelming But People Are Still Stuck On The FAN/ False African Narrative. Please See “Truth About Native Americans” Link Below.

Dahlonega Museum Of Gold Coins

King El Rey In Land Lottery Room On Indigenous Peoples Day 2023

They Have On Record That The US Government Stole The Land And The Gold From The Indigenous Peoples In Dahlonega, And Established A Mint There, But A Civil War Broke Out And The Mint Was Shutdown According To The Reports. This Again Is Why We As Indigenous People Don’t Really Care For Defacto Government.

We Don’t Really Care For Politics Or Public Policy Government, As It Relates To The Conditions Of Poverty. Furthermore, We Don’t Really Care About Race, Color, Creed Or Religion. People Have A Right To Believe Whatever They Want. Your Religion Is Your Religion And You Have The Right To Live The Life You Feel Is Righteous For You.

The Ongoing War In Between Israel And Palestine Is A Prime Example Of Why Religion And Government Will Always Cause Conflict, Rivalry And Competition. Unfortunately, There Is No Peaceful Resolve To The Palestinian And Israeli War, Because It Is A Religious War And Neither Of Them Are Willing To Back Down, Due To Their Religious Views And Beliefs.

In My View, An International Cease Fire On Both Countries Should Be Mandated, Instead Of The US Getting Involved With More Military Force. Excessive Force Is Not The Solution To The Problem. In Fact, It Will Only Cause More Problems. All Eye Can Do Is Shake My Head, At The Jewish And Christian Nations With Doctrines Of Which Say “Thy Shall Not Kill”, But All They Seem To Want To Do Is Kill People?

This Again Is Why We Don’t Really Care For Politics And Religion.

However, What We Do Care About Is People Having Food, Clothing And Shelter. Thus, We Are Advocates For The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, The Declaration On The Rights Of Indigenous Peoples And The 7/8 Co-operative Principles.

The Very Foundation Of Our Views Are Based Upon The Articles And International Laws Of These 3 Internationally Recognized Legal Documents. We Call It The D.O.O.R (Documents Of The Olmecs Remembered). Frankly, We Are Just Tired Of Conflict, Rivalry And Competition. Furthermore, We Are Tired Of Bigotry, Racism And People Who Want To Control Everybody And Everything.

Ultimately, We Just Want To Be Left Alone And Allowed To Continue Displaying Our Greatness. Clearly, We Are On Another Level, Although We Are Down To Earth And Value Our Freedom. We Also Know That The World Has A Tendency To Hate A Proud Black Man, But We Don’t Care About Any Of That Either. Eye Am Just Doing What Eye Can To Make It Happen The Best Way That Eye Can.

No More Religious Wars, No More World Wars And No More Politics Being In Everything. Politics In Religion, Politics In Music And Politics In Everything Else Is A Mess. Rappers Are Getting Paid To Wear Dresses, Rap About Drugs And Killing Each Other. Speaking Of Killing, Below Is The New Single Closure, Which Is The Results Of My Being Killed.


This Is King El Rey’s Latest Single Which Is Scheduled To Be Released September 1, 2023. It Will Be An Exclusive Release For The World To Hear. Things Of Which Have Never Been Discussed Publicly Is Covered In This Song. For Those Who Would Like To Know More About King El Rey© Will Have The Opportunity To Do So With The Release Of This Song. The Long Overdue Is Now Bestowed Upon Us.

September 1, 2023

Chuen Blue Electric Monkey

Kin 211

As Promised, Closure Is Now Available For Your Listening Pleasure. Please Click Link For It Is Exclusivly On My UK Platform. This Instrumental Can Be Heard Here On Audio File Below.


Now, On With The Indigenous Water Bank. Our New Youth Co-operative Initiative Is Underway. Please Click Link Below To See Updates On Our Latest Events And Youth Initiatives.

Saturns-Day October 7, 2023

Manik The Blue Cosmic Hand Updates

Kin 247

Below Is A Link To Our Co-op Products Site. To Learn More About Our Water Products, Goods And Services Or Inquire More About Joining The Co-op.

The Above Co-op Products Link Will Take You To Our Contact Page As Well. However, As A Courtesy To Our Frequent Viewers Whom Have Expressed Difficulty Finding Our Contact Information, Below Is A Image Of Our Contact Details. You Can Also Go To The Very Top Of This Page And Click Menu And Then Click On Contact.


Again, Those Of You Whom Are Interested In Joining The Co-op And The Emerald Club Please Use Above Contact Details. Yes, We Still Have Our Indigenous Water Bank Travelers Partnership With Enterprise, National And Alamo.

Click On Link Below And See Some Of The Benefits Of The Indigenous Water Bank Travelers Through Enterprise, National And Alamo.

You Should See A Webpage Similar To The Image Below. They Have Excellent Rental Program Options, Leasing Program Options And Other Travel Benefits For Businesses And Co-op Members. We Have Been In Business With Them For More Than 5 Years Now And We Can Obtain Commercial Vehicles Of Any Type From Refrigerator Trucks, On To A Collection Of Exotic Cars. So, You Can Join The Co-op And The Emerald Club Simultaneously.

As A Shareholder, You Will Recieve A Co-op ID#, Co-op Pin And A Co-op Email Address Of Your Choice, Which Will End In iwb.coop. IE, For Example: If Your Name Is Princess Imix, Then Your Co-op Email Address Can Be PrincessImix@iwb.coop. The Emerald Club However, Will Provide You With Discounts On Car Rentals And A Number Of Other Things.

Our Primary Objective Is To Address The Basic Necessities For Our Co-op Members And Our Banking Dynasty. Food, Clothing And Shelter Is A Basic Need For All People On The Planet And Our Co-op Was Founded Upon Providing These Basic Necessities.

Water Is The Number #1 Food On The Planet, Which Is The Base For All Other Food. Rap God Royalty Apparel© Is Our Clothing Line And IWB Co-operative Housing Is Our Shelter.

Below Is A Glimpse At Some Of Our New Rap God Royalty Merch… Please Share Your Views In The Blog Section Thank You.


Furthermore, Co-operative Economics Is Our Banking System And We Bank On Water. Please Check Out One Of Our Water Testimonial Videos Below.

We Are An International Nongovernment Organisation (INGO), Which Prides Its Self On Being A True Not-For-Profit, Meaning We Do Not Believe In Others Making A Profit From Us, Especially When They Have Not Done Anything For It.

Furthermore, We Don’t Believe In Asking People For Anything, Especially If We Have Not Done Anything For Them. Many Of You Have Asked Why We Don’t Have A Donate Button On Our Site? Well, We Once Did And We Were Being Charged Fees Of Which We Thought Were Unfair To Us, So We Decided To Do Away With The Donate Button All Together, As All Others Were Making Profits From Us And The Fees Kept Changing.

Thus, We Choose To Be Nongovernment, While Maintaining Our Autonomy And Independance As An International Co-operative. Ownership Is A Must For Us, As We Are The Owners Of Our Own Ship And Abide By Our Own Rules.

We Are A Professional Organization, Of Which Prides Its Self On Core Values, Self Help And Respect For Each Other. So, Please Do Not Attempt To Join Our Organization With The Intent Of Scamming People, Bringing Drama And Causing Trouble. Those Whom Attempted That In The Past Have All Been Dismissed.

We Have The Best Water To Put In Your Coffee, Smoothies And Favorite Beverages.

The Water Bank Homepage Section

We Are Taking International Co-operative Business To New Heights 

Skydive With The Indigenous Water Bank Co-operative And Make A Statement In The Sky Together. We Believe In Helping Ourselves And Have Re-established Our Own Economic System As The Original Indigenous Peoples Of The Planet Earth.

IWB Co-operative Brand Commercial


We Provide The Best Water The Planet Earth Has To Offer And Develop Co-operative Communities. We Are Expanding Daily And Are Entering New Partnerships For Further Expansion. For More Frequent Updates Visit Our Instagram

For Our Latest United Nations Blog Please Click Button



Tuesday June 25, 2013

Ben Red Electric Skywalker

Kin 133

On June 25, 2013 IWB Co-operative/Indigenous Water Bank Was Granted Full Faith And Credit By Way Of The United States Government And/Or The United States Of America. Former Secretary of State John F. Kerry Granted This Annex Of Our Water Rights. According To The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Better Known As FDIC Their Federal Deposit Insurance Is Backed By Full Faith And Credit Of The U.S. Government. This Means That The Resources Of The United States Government Stands Behind FDIC Insured Depositors.

Therefore, It Appears That The Same Should Apply To IWB Co-operative, As We Had Four Major Agreements Authenticated And Annexed By The United States Government. We Have Always Abided By The Laws Of All Nations, States And/Or Countries, While Also Abiding By Our Own Laws. Recently We Experienced A Situation With A Corporation Not Wanting To Grant Us The Renewal Of Our Water Insurance And We Were Appalled By What Appears To Be Blatant Discrimination And Or Systemic Racism?

As We Have Been In Business For 13 Years Now And Have Never Had A Problem Getting Water Insurance For Our Water Products, But All Of A Sudden We Were Issued A Non-renewal Notice, Not Only From One Of The Insurance Companies We Were Doing Business With, But A Host Of Insurance Companies We Have Never Done Business With? Many Of Them Called Us And Said They Didn’t Know Why A Non Renewal Was Issued?

Something Doesn’t Seem Right About This, Based Upon IWB Co-operative Never Having Any Problems Before, Law Suits, Delinquencies Or The Likes For 13 Years And Now All Of A Sudden There Is A Problem? Not Making Any Sense.

This Again Is Why We Are Nongovernment, Politics, Control And Police City Is Not For Us. My Indigenous Family The Black Seminoles, Muskogeans And Xi Clan Olmec People Have Always Been Resistant To White Supremacy And Slavery. Clearly It Is No Different For Me Today. Eye Will Fight To The Death For My Family, Birthright And Inheritance.

So, Nevertheless We Are Still Progressing Forward And Our New Rap God Royalty Motto Is “The God In Me Is Everything And We Are Not Worried About Anything. Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing And Eye Don’t Want To Hear Nothing.” As It Is Now Confirmed That We Have Had Full Faith And Credit Insurance Since 2013. Therefore, We Continue To Travel In Harmony. On Deck Is Our New Co-op Law Firm, So You All Get Ready For That As Well.


Many People Of Today’s World Know Very Little About Real Co-ops, And How They Operate, In Particular International Co-ops. IWB Co-operative Is A Very Unique Co-op Designed To Build A Better World. This Has Been The Theme Of International Co-operatives Since The Year 2012. We Have Been In Association With The United Nations And The International Co-op Alliance For More Than A Decade Now. We Were Granted The Co-op Marque By The International Co-op Alliance On April 4, 2014 And The United Nations Application Approval Number 20120402040 In The Year 2012.


Thors Day July 20, 2023

Lamat Yellow Crystal Star

Kin 168


Who’s More Authentic Than Us? We Are Highly Decorated And Validated Worldwide.

Please Click Button And Get Your Butt On The Page For The High Priest Of Our Co-op Community.

King El Rey And Prince Chikan El Rey On What We Talking Bout Show Long Island New York.

King El Rey© Gives A Comprehensive History Of His Background And Prince Chikan Gives A Breakdown Of IWB Co-op Water. This Video Has 1.1K Views And Only 33 Likes… Lol! Why Is That? The People In This World Are So Funny To Me. It Seems As If A Vast Majority Of The People In This Country Only Want To Snoop Around And Listen To Me Secretly And Not Show Outward Support For Some Reason? It Seems To Happen Everywhere That Eye Am? According To My Music Analytics There Are 180,000 People From The US Streaming My Music But Are Afraid To Show Outward Support?

This Is Why Eye Laugh A Lot, Because People Are Intimidated By My Presence And Accomplishments. Eye Find Humor In This And Continue Doing My Best. It’s Ok To Like Me Y’all, Really It Is Not A Big Deal, As Eye Already Know Eye Am A Big Deal… KMSL! The Arrogance Of People’s Ignorance Is Funny To Me. People Like Janell Monae Will Say This Is Patriarchy And Eye Will Laugh Saying He… .He… He… Please Don’t Allow My Ability To Be Great To Intimidate You. Is It Just A Case Of Lost Souls Misbehaving? The Love Is Fake, But The Hate Is Real.

A Classic High Resonance Song By; King El Rey And Prince Chikan For The Lost Souls Of The World.

Eye Encourage Each And Everyone One Of You To Be The Best Version Of Yourselves. Love Yourself Even If No One Else Does. Take It From Me, Eye Am The Least Loved Person Eye Know, But It Doesn’t Matter Because Eye Am Still Going To Be Great Regardless.


Tuesday January 5, 2016

Caban Red Self-Existing Earth

Kin 17

The International Society Of Business Leaders Honors King El Rey© In 2016. This Was After We Were Inducted Into The Atlanta Business Hall Of Fame And Won The Best Community Organization Award In Doraville Georgia. The Alcides Are Highly Decorated And Official Across The Board.

Eye Wasn’t Stunting On You Guys Before And Many Of You Were Challenging My Authenticity, So Now Eye Am Showing You All How Authentic Eye Really Am. This Is For Those Who Do The Most Talking In Their Attempt To Discredit Me Secretly And Deny That They Know Me Or Ever Heard Of Me. Clearly, Eye Have Done The Work And Have The Receipts. So, Why Is Everyone So Quiet When Eye Show Them Who Eye Am? Huh? What? Eye Can’t Hear You. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah…


Funny How Eye Am In The Elite 1% Of Men On Earth, Thus That Makes Me “High Value” And Yet Somehow Eye Am Still Not Good Enough For You? Shaking My Head And Laughing Again. “The God In Me Is Everything, We Not Worried About Anything, Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing And Eye Don’t Want To Hear Nothing…” This Is The El Rey Motto.

King El Rey© In Boss Game Mode Again

For Those Of You Who Do Not Believe Eye Am In The Elite 1% Of Men On Earth, Will Be Shocked To See Me In The Marquis Who’s Who 2024 Edition. Marquis Has Been Publishing The World’s Most Influential Professionals Since 1898. Inclusion Is Considered By Many To Be The Pinnacle Of Success. So What Now? What Other Excuses Will You All Come Up With Next? Mmm Hmm… They All Silent, Just Listen? Again, Silent And Listen Is The Same Word, Just Spelled Different. You Cannot Listen Without Being Silent.


King El Rey© An Honored Listee

Clearly, Eye Have Earned My Spot As An All Time Great And Eye Don’t Do Anything Illegal Or Anything Fake. As Eye Overstand It, Currently It Cost $500 Just To Purchase A Copy Of This Elite Club Book. So, Eye Don’t Know What Else To Tell You? Y’all Do The Most Talking, So Y’all Tell Me?

High Value Men Don’t Feel The Need To Prove Anything To Anyone, Unless Provoked. We Bring Value To The World, The Community And Our Word Hold’s Value. We Are Regarded As Selfish Because We Don’t Care What Anyone Has To Say About Us. Believe What Ever You Want Is How We Feel About It. We Are Unique And Original, And Care Less About Being Famous Or Popular. Being Popular Means Nothing To Us. However, Righteousness And Truth Does. Eye Am From The Mystery Schools Of The Gifted And Know That The God In Me Is Everything.

What Do Eye Say About Popularity? If You Get In My Way: “Eye Pop-U-And-Larity.”

Most People Are Unaware Of True High Value Males, Which Are Sigma Males, Not Alpha Or Beta. Quite Often Women Regret Losing Sigma Males, As They Discover Too Late The True Value Of Sigma Males. Below Is A Video On Why Women Regret Losing Sigma Males, Better Known As High Value Males.


Now, Back To The Value Of Co-operatives. Systems Of Order And Structure Are Paramount For Sustainable Communities. It Gives Order To Everyone, Accountability And Responsibility. High Value Males/Men And Co-ops Are Essentially One In The Same, As High Value Men Give Structure And Order To Their Women, Children/Family And Friends, Just As Co-ops Are Known To Do The Same-Thing. It Is A Must That We Filter Down Core Values And Discipline To Those In Our Community.

If You Have The Unwillingness To Be Co-operative, Then This Is Not For You. Furthermore, This Is Not About Me, It Is About We And Us. However, Most Of You Don’t Like The Packaging And Me As The Messenger. So, You Sit There And Say Nothing, Sneak Around And Study My Works And Pretend To Be The Originators Of It. But And Butt, Eye Don’t Care About Any Of That Either.

Eye Am From The Mystery Schools Of The Gifted And Inspire To Pass On All The Sacred Crown Jewels Eye Can To The World And More Importantly To Our Youth. We Are Currently Developing A New Youth Co-operative Initiative To Have A Greater Impact And Influence In The Lives Of Our Children. We Are Cleaning Up The Mess And Replacing It With The Best. So, You’re Being Mad At Me Doesn’t Stop Anything.

We Are Your Number #1 Community Organization Operating Under Internationally Recognized Co-operative Principles. Furthermore, We Were Recently Inducted Into The Atlanta Business Hall Of Fame A 3rd Time. It Is Now 10 Consecutive Years That IWB Co-operative Has Won The Best Bottled Water Supplier In Atlanta Award.

This Is Our 13th Year Of Being Established And We Are Grateful For Our Supporters. 8 Of The 13 Years We Have Won The Best Of Atlanta Financial Award. The Indigenous Water Bank Co-operative Is A Very Unique Privately Owned Co-operative. Please Visit:

To Learn More About Our Business Loans, Real Estate Investment Programs/Co-operative Housing And Credit Repair Program. Our Goal Is To Ensure That All Of Our Co-op Members Have Excellent Credit And Credibility. There Is Not Much A Community Can Do With Bad Credit, No Money And An Enormous Amount Of Debt. We Are Here To Help Build A Strong Global Co-operative Community.


Saturns-Day March 25, 2023

Chuen Blue Crystal Monkey

Kin 51

We Also Have A New Single Called Coming For Y’all From The Up And Coming Rap God Royalty Album By King El Rey©. In Addition, We Just Recently Released An International Marketplace Exclusive Of Our New Clothing Line Called “Rap God Royalty Apparel©”. Our Record Label Called Indigenous Entertainment Or IE Has Been Established For More Than 18 Years Now.

Below Is A Link To Our High Resonance Mu-sic Release And Our Merch Store. We Decided To Do An Introductory Version Of Our Rap God Royalty Apparel© For Our International Fanbase And This Limited Edition International Marketplace Exclusive Can Only Be Purchased In British Pounds.

Weddings Day June 7, 2023

Chikan Red Galactic Serpent

Kin 125

The New Rap God Royalty Album Is Going To Be Released Before The End Of The Gregorian Year. The Next Single Entitled Good Times Roll 2 Is On Schedule To Be Released June 16, 2023. It Will Be An Exclusive Release On n1m.com.

Is Rap God Royalty The Greatest Rap Album Of All Times? We Will Just Have To See.

Below Is The Link For My Number #1 Music Website. They Provide Local, National And Global Chart Rankings. Yours Truly More Often Than Not Is Ranked #1. In Fact, Eye Have Been Ranked #1 For Nearly 3 Months Now. So, Go Ahead And Have A Free Listen To The High Resonance Mu-sic . Again, Thank You To My Supporters And Haters Who Help Me Be The Best Version Of Myself.

This Is My Official Jay Z Diss Of Which Eye Was Compelled To Do, Due To My Being Offended By Some Of His Affiliates Attempt To Recruit Me Into Their Illuminati Stuff. There Is A Back Story To This And Eye Was Forced Into Defending My Honor. As You Can See The Red Symbol On The Cover For Years Have Been Thought To Be A Heart And Symbolize Love, But And Butt, It Is Nothing More Than An Upside Down Derrière Or A Butt.

For Many Years Eye Have Considered The Masses To Be Asses Until You Give Them Classes. Thus, You Have What Eye Call The MAC, Masses, Asses And Classes. This Happens To Be Part 5 And Eye Wanted To Put The World On Notice To Be Aware Of The Hidden Agendas And Deception Bestowed Upon The Masses, Below Is A Link To My Number One Music Website, Where You Will Find Much Of My Mu-sic Released And Unreleased.

Not Only Am Eye A Entrepreneur/ Multiple Business Owner, Eye Am Also A Music Artist And Producer. Many Of You May Wonder Why Eye Use Eye Instead Of “I”, This Is Due To The Single Letter “I” Being A Negative And Selfish Ego “I” And E Y E Is My Attempt To Express My Mind’s Eye Or 3rd Eye. Thaahum/Overstand? Clearly, Eye Am About Freedom, Money For All And Independence. Therefore, Eye Do Things Differently And My Mind’s Eye Is Unique. Please Visit My Number One Music Website For Those Who Have Never Heard My Mu-sic Before. Thank You All Again, For Your Wonderful Comments And Support. Please Stay Tuned To The Co-op Site For More Amazing Updates For The Online Community.

Yep! That’s Right Rap God Hour, Fresh Like Eye Was Having Sex In The Shower…

Rap God Royalty Coming Soon Video

For Those Of You Who May Be Interested In The Undiluted Truth About The History Of This World And The Origin Of Things, Please Don’t Forget To Check Out Our Dynasty Roundtable Podcast. One Of My Personal Favorites Is The Truth About Native Americans Episodes.

Over 1000 Comments And 1000 Streams On The Same Day.

This Section Is Specifically For The Bloggers And Those Whom Have Expressed Their Appreciation For What Has Been Done For Them To Collaborate, Co-operate And Interact With Different People From All Over The World. One Day It Just Hit Me To Begin An International Blog Post On Our Co-op Platform For The International Community And It Went Viral. So, Eye Wanted To Thank All The International Bloggers For Making This All Possible. Many Of You Have Provided Heartfelt Comments About My Writings, Teachings And Blog Post.

It’s Really Great To See So Many Of You Networking And Promoting Your Businesses On The IWB Co-op Platform. To Us, It Is All About Networking, Bringing People Together And Building A Better World. As Eye Know From Experience This Is Not Easy To Do, Especially With Our People Here In America. For Years Eye Have Attempted To Bring Our People Together, Since The Inception Of IWB Co-operative 13 Years Ago And So Many Of Them Have Tried To Destroy Me, The Co-op And Sabotage My Brand. However, They Have Been Unsuccessful And Now Look Like Suck-Cess-Fools, Sucked-In-A-Cess-Pool Of Doo Doo Flip. Now, Eye Don’t Give A Doo Doo Flip What They Say Or Do. Not To Digress On That Mess, Eye Am Very Thankful For The New Supporters Worldwide Of My Mu-sic, Co-op And Clothing Line.

Above Is A Screenshot Of The Latest Blog Post Comments And A Display Of The Number Of Comments Eye Still Have To Approve. It Is More Than 1000 Comments By Bloggers All Over The World Expressing Their Gratitude For The Platform Of Which Has Been Provided.

Today Was A Pretty Interesting Day, As To Where Eye Have Recived Over 1000 Streams Of My Music And Have Over 1000 Comments To Approve On The Same Day. Thank You All For The Love And Support. Eye Have Learned A Lot From Many Of You Thus Far About Popular Blog Style Systems,And International Communities Eye Never Knew Existed. For Example: Eye Never Knew That There Was A 77 % White Community In Africa Called KLMS Financial Providing International Loans For People With Interest Rates As Low As 5%?

However, Eye Will Do My Best To Approve You All’s Comments As Soon As Eye Can. It Will Take Some Time, As The Comments Are Coming In Very Fast A Number Of Times Throughout Each Day. Thank You All Again. Yours Truly, King El Rey©

Do You All Remember The IWB Co-op Exotic Paradise Building? Some Of You Probably Do And Some Of You Never Heard Of It. However, It Was One Of My Favorite Places To Be At One Time. Notice The Olmec Royalty Symbol On The Door, The Window And The Outside Rail?



Eye Really Miss That Building, Notice The Olmec Oracle Of Mirrors Books/Scrolls Eye Wrote In 2011 On The Wall Rack? For Those Of You Who Don’t Know Eye Opened A Co-operative Boutique For Women To Do All Of The Things Women Love To Do. They Could Get Their Makeup Done, They Could Get Their Eye Lashes Done, They Could Shop For Their Clothes And Shoes. In Addition, They Could Do Photoshoots, Model, And Even Pole Dancing. They Could Do Events, Sell Any Products They Wanted To Sell, And Do Almost Anything That Women Enjoy Doing In A One Stop Shop, But All They Did Was Sabotage It. So, Eye Shut It Down. Whew! This Again Is What Eye Refer To As Phase 1 Of My Co-op Journey Over The Past 13 Years.

Moon-day October 23, 2023

Blue Electric Night

Kin 3

Just Recently Learned About Something Called Assembly Atlanta Studios, Which Is Now The New Hollywood Of Atlanta. They Have Everything In The Likes Of Hollywood Including The Red Carpet. This Is Said To Be The New Hub For Movie Stars And Entertainers. As Eye Overstand It, Assembly Atlanta Recently Offered Ceelo Green A Private Jet Charter For His Entertainment Obligations Out West.

Personally, Eye Haven’t Checked Out The Assembly Atlanta Studios Yet, But Eye Plan To At Some Point In The Near Future. Another Interesting Thing About Assembly Atlanta Is, It Is Only 4 Minutes From Where My Exotic Paradise Co-op Boutique Was In Doraville. Eye Wonder How It Would Have Been, If Eye Still Had The Boutique Open Over There? A Few Celebrities Were Wearing Exotic Paradise Apparel During The Time It Was Open.

Now With Assembly Atlanta Being There, Eye Am Sure A Number Of Celebrities Would Have Been Stopping By To Get The Latest EPC Apparel? However, It Doesn’t Really Matter Now. My Movements Are Forward, Not Backwards. Although, Eye Felt It Was Appropriate To Share My First 13 Years Of Experience In The New Paradigm Co-op Era.

How Many Of You Remember The Co-op Bachelor Pad Eye Had? Not Many, As This Was Another One Of My Favorite Places To Be. This Was A Place Of Serenity For Me… Why? Because It Had A Beautiful Waterfall And Pool Of Which Made Me Feel Like Eye Was On The Beach Every Night/Shadow. The Ambiance Was So Regal And Seren For Me There. Eye Live A Very Private Life And Usually Don’t Share Much With Ordinary People, Because They Are A Bit Too Messy For Me. However, You All Get The Exclusive As Eye Am Moving Into Another Phase.

Below Is A Video Of Rare Footage Inside The Bachelor Pad, Where Eye Would Relax After Teaching, Working Out And Writing Books.

As You May Have Already Guest? Eye Miss Being There Also.

What About The IWB Co-operative Headquarters In The Buckhead Tower? Do You All Remember That? Before Covid-19 In 2020 Our Co-op Headquarters Was Inside The Buckhead Tower In Buckhead Atlanta.

This Is Where We Met With Enterprise To Establish Our First Major Partnership Around 5 Or 6 Years Ago. For Those Who Don’t Believe Our Headquarter’s Was In The Buckhead Tower Below Is A Video Of Me Being In The Office With Some Of Our Co-op Awards From 2016.

Clearly, It Has Been A Journey Thus Far, As There Are A Lot More Details And A Lot More To Share. My Purpose For Doing This Now Is To Notify You All Of New Develpments And The Coming Changes. It Has Been 13 Years Thus Far And 10 Years Of Winning The Award As The Best Bottled Water Supplier In Atlanta.

We Are Now Preparing For Our Next Phase Of Evolution. This Is What We Refer To As Phase 2 Of Our Evolution. So, Our Next Phase Must Be Better Than The First In Our View. We Must Show Progression Each And Every Year Or We Deem It As A Failure. So, What Will Our Next Phase Look Like? Only Time Will Tell. Clearly, Eye Am A Individual Who Work’s Very Hard At All That Eye Do And Put My Energy Into.

If Anything, Let This Be Inspiration For Those Of You Who Inspire To Achieve Greatness. My Final Words For This Post Is Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Ain’t Nothing And Live Your Life As If It Is Of The Upmost Significance. Best Regards, King El Rey©


What Up World! Please Post Any Comments You May Have About The Site Or Any Questions You May Have About Our Products, Goods And Services. Obviously Our Premier Product Is Water And We Are Grateful To Have Won The Best Bottled Water Supplier Award In Atlanta For The Past 10 Years. New Loan Offers, Luxury Product Give Aways And Co-operative Housing Updates Coming Soon. Thank You All For Your Support. Yours Truly, King El Rey.


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