Welcome To IWB Co-op Root Domain. We Are Happy To Have You Here. This Is Our Introductory Site To The Multiple Indigenous Water Bank Websites.

Please Visit https://superpowerh2o.iwb.coop To Learn More More About Our Water Products, Goods And Services Or Inquire More About Joining The Co-op. We Still Have Our Indigenous Water Bank Travelers Partnership With Enterprise, National And Alamo.

Click On Link Below And See Some Of The Benefits Of The Indigenous Water Bank Travelers Through Enterprise, National And Alamo.


You Should See A Webpage Similar To The Image Below. They Have Excellent Rental Program Options, Leasing Program Options And Other Travel Benefits For Businesses And Co-op Members. We Have Been In Business With Them For More Than 5 Years Now And We Can Obtain Commercial Vehicles Of Any Type From Refrigerator Trucks, On To A Collection Of Exotic Cars. So, You Can Join The Co-op And The Emerald Club Simultaneously.

Our Primary Objective Is To Address The Basic Necessities For Our Co-op Members And Our Banking Dynasty. Food, Clothing And Shelter Is A Basic Need For All People On The Planet And Our Co-op Was Founded Upon Providing These Basic Necessities.

Water Is The Number #1 Food On The Planet, Which Is The Base For All Other Food. Rap God Royalty Merch Is Our Our Clothing Line And IWB Co-operative Housing Is Our Shelter. Furthermore, Co-operative Economics Is Our Banking System And We Bank On Water. Please Check Out One Of Our Water Testimonial Videos Below.

We Are An International Nongovernment Organisation (INGO), Which Prides Its Self On Being A True Not-For-Profit, Meaning We Do Not Believe In Others Making A Profit From Us, Especially When They Have Not Done Anything For It.

Furthermore, We Don’t Believe In Asking People For Anything, Especially If We Have Not Done Anything For Them. Many Of You Have Asked Why We Don’t Have A Donate Button On Our Site? Well, We Once Did And We Were Being Charged Fees Of Which We Thought Were Unfair To Us, So We Decided To Do Away With The Donate Button All Together, As All Others Were Making Profits From Us And The Fees Kept Changing.

Thus, We Choose To Be Nongovernment, While Maintaining Our Autonomy And Independance As An International Co-operative. Ownership Is A Must For Us, As We Are The Owners Of Our Own Ship And Abide By Our Own Rules. We Have The Best Water To Put In Your Coffee, Smoothies And Favorite Beverages.

The Water Bank Homepage Section

We Are Taking International Co-operative Business To New Heights 

Skydive With The Indigenous Water Bank Co-operative And Make A Statement In The Sky Together. We Believe In Helping Ourselves And Have Re-established Our Own Economic System As The Original Indigenous Peoples Of The Planet Earth.

IWB Co-operative Brand Commercial

We Provide The Best Water The Planet Earth Has To Offer And Develop Co-operative Communities. We Are Expanding Daily And Are Entering New Partnerships For Further Expansion. For More Frequent Updates Visit Our Instagram Page @iwb.coop. For Our Latest United Nations Blog Please Click Link https://iwb.coop/?p=86https://iwb.coop/?p=86


We Are Your Number #1 Community Organization Operating Under Internationally Recognized Co-operative Principles. Furthermore, We Were Recently Inducted Into The Atlanta Business Hall Of Fame. It Is Now 10 Consecutive Years That IWB Co-operative Has Won The Best Bottled Water Supplier In Atlanta Award.

This Is Our 13th Year Of Being Established And We Are Grateful For Our Supporters. 7 Of The 13 Years We Have Won The Best Of Atlanta Financial Award. The Indigenous Water Bank Co-operative Is A Very Unique Privately Owned Co-operative. Please Visit https://realestatebusiness.iwb.coop/ To Learn More About Our Business Loans, Real Estate Investment Programs And Credit Repair Program.

We Also Have A New Single Called Coming For Y’all From The Up And Coming Rap God Royalty Album By King El Rey. In Addition, We Just Recently Released An International Marketplace Exclusive Of Our New Clothing Line Called “Rap God Royalty Apparel.” Our Record Label Called Indigenous Entertainment Or IE Has Been Established For More Than 18 Years Now.

Below Is A Link To Our High Resonance Mu-sic Release And Our Merch Store. We Decided To Do An Introductory Version Of Our Rap God Royalty Merch For Our International Fanbase And This Limited Edition International Marketplace Exclusive Can Only Be Purchased In British Pounds. https://ditto.fm/coming-for-yall The New Rap God Royalty Album Is Going To Be Released Before The End Of The Gregorian Year. The Next Single Entitled Good Times Roll 2 Is On Schedule To Be Released This Month. Coming Soon On Multiple Platforms Worldwide.

Is Rap God Royalty The Greatest Rap Album Of All Times? We Will Just Have To See.

Below Is The Link For My Number #1 Music Website. They Provide Local, National And Global Chart Rankings. Yours Truly More Often Than Not Is Ranked #1. In Fact, Eye Have Been Ranked #1 For Nearly 3 Months Now. So, Go Ahead And Have A Free Listen To The High Resonance Mu-sic . Again, Thank You To My Supporters And Haters Who Help Me Be The Best Version Of Myself.


Yep! That’s Right Rap God Hour, Fresh Like Eye Was Having Sex In The Shower…

For Those Of You Who May Be Interested In The Undiluted Truth About The History Of This World And The Origin Of Things, Please Don’t Forget To Check Out Our Dynasty Roundtable Podcast. One Of My Personal Favorites Is The Truth About Native Americans Episodes.


This Section Is Specifically For The Bloggers And Those Whom Have Expressed Their Appreciation For What Has Been Done For Them To Collaborate, Co-operate And Interact With Different People From All Over The World. One Day It Just Hit Me To Begin An International Blog Post On Our Co-op Platform For The International Community And It Went Viral. So, Eye Wanted To Thank All The International Bloggers For Making This All Possible. Many Of You Have Provided Heartfelt Comments About My Writings, Teachings And Blog Post.

It’s Really Great To See So Many Of You Networking And Promoting Your Businesses On The IWB Co-op Platform. To Us, It Is All About Networking, Bringing People Together And Building A Better World. As Eye Know From Experience This Is Not Easy To Do, Especially With Our People Here In America. For Years Eye Have Attempted To Bring Our People Together, Since The Inception Of IWB Co-operative 13 Years Ago And So Many Of Them Have Tried To Destroy Me, The Co-op And Sabotage My Brand. However, They Have Been Unsuccessful And Now Look Like Like Suck-Cess-Fools, Sucked-In-A-Cess-Pool Of Doo Doo Flip. Now, Eye Don’t Give A Doo Doo Flip What They Say Or Do. Not To Digress On That Mess, Eye Am Very Thankful For The New Supporters Worldwide Of My Mu-sic, Co-op And Clothing Line.

Above Is A Screenshot Of The Latest Blog Post Comments And A Display Of The Number Of Comments Eye Still Have To Approve. It Is More Than 700 Comments By Bloggers All Over The World Expressing Their Gratitude For The Platform Of Which Has Been Provided. Eye Have Learned A Lot From Many Of You Thus Far About Popular Blog Style Systems,And International Communities Eye Never Knew Existed. For Example: Eye Never Knew That There Was A 77 % White Community In Africa Called KLMS Financial Providing International Loans For People With Interest Rates As Low As 5%?

However, Eye Will Do My Best To Approve You All’s Comments As Soon As Eye Can. It Will Take Some Time, As The Comments Are Coming In Very Fast A Number Of Times Throughout Each Day. Thank You All Again. Yours Truly, King El Rey

Do You All Remember The IWB Co-op Exotic Paradise Building? Some Of You Probably Do And Some Of You Never Heard Of It. However, It Was One Of My Favorite Places To Be At One Time. Notice The Olmec Royalty Symbol On The Door, The Window And The Outside Rail?

Eye Really Miss That Building, Notice The Olmec Oracle Of Mirrors Books/Scrolls Eye Wrote In 2011 On The Wall Rack? For Those Of You Who Don’t Know Eye Opened A Co-operative Boutique For Women To Do All Of The Things Women Love To Do. They Could Get Their Makeup Done, They Could Get Their Eye Lashes Done, They Could Shop For Their Clothes And Shoes. In Addition, They Could Do Photoshoots, Model, And Even Pole Dancing. They Could Do Events, Sell Any Products They Wanted To Sell, And Do Almost Anything That Women Enjoy Doing In A One Stop Shop, But All They Did Was Sabotage It. So, Eye Shut It Down. Whew! This Again Is What Eye Refer To As Phase 1 Of My Co-op Journey Over The Past 13 Years.

How Many Of You Remember The Co-op Bachelor Pad Eye Had? Not Many, As This Was Another One Of My Favorite Places To Be. This Was A Place Of Serenity For Me… Why? Because It Had A Beautiful Waterfall And Pool Of Which Made Me Feel Like Eye Was On The Beach Every Night/Shadow. The Ambiance Was So Regal And Seren For Me There. Eye Live A Very Private Life And Usually Don’t Share Much With Ordinary People, Because They Are A Bit Too Messy For Me. However, You All Get The Exclusive As Eye Am Moving Into Another Phase.

Below Is A Video Of Rare Footage Inside The Bachelor Pad, Where Eye Would Relax After Teaching, Working Out And Writing Books.

As You May Have Already Guest? Eye Miss Being There Also.

What About The IWB Co-operative Headquarters In The Buckhead Tower? Do You All Remember That? Before Covid-19 In 2020 Our Co-op Headquarters Was Inside The Buckhead Tower In Buckhead Atlanta.

This Is Where We Met With Enterprise To Establish Our First Major Partnership Around 5 Or 6 Years Ago. For Those Who Don’t Believe Our Headquarter’s Was In The Buckhead Tower Below Is A Video Of Me Being In The Office With Some Of Our Co-op Awards From 2016.

Clearly, It Has Been A Journey Thus Far, As There Are A Lot More Details And A Lot More To Share. My Purpose For Doing This Now Is To Notify You All Of New Develpments And The Coming Changes. It Has Been 13 Years Thus Far And 10 Years Of Winning The Award As The Best Bottled Water Supplier In Atlanta.

We Are Now Preparing For Our Next Phase Of Evolution. This Is What We Refer To As Phase 2 Of Our Evolution. So, Our Next Phase Must Be Better Than The First In Our View. We Must Show Progression Each And Every Year Or We Deem It As A Failure. So, What Will Our Next Phase Look Like? Only Time Will Tell. Clearly, Eye Am A Individual Who Work’s Very Hard At All That Eye Do And Put My Energy Into.

If Anything, Let This Be Inspiration For Those Of You Who Inspire To Achieve Greatness. My Final Words For This Post Is Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Ain’t Nothing And Live Your Life As If It Is Of The Upmost Significance. Best Regards, King El Rey.


What Up World! Please Post Any Comments You May Have About The Site Or Any Questions You May Have About Our Products, Goods And Services. Obviously Our Premier Product Is Water And We Are Grateful To Have Won The Best Bottled Water Supplier Award In Atlanta For The Past 10 Years. New Loan Offers, Luxury Product Give Aways And Co-operative Housing Updates Coming Soon. Thank You All For Your Support. Yours Truly, King El Rey.


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