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The Above Photo Was At The United Nations And It Was About Peace And Unity In New York. These Type Of Things Inspire Me, As Eye Enjoy Seeing People Come Together And Unify For A Great Cause. Below Is Something Eye Would Like To Propose To You All Here On Our Co-op Platform.

Eye Will Begin By Saying Peace World, May These Words Find You In Well Being. TodayIs 6//3/23 Or 3/6/23 In The International Community. On The Olmec Calendar We Call Today Imix The Dragon Mother Of Birth. As It Is A Day Of Defining Things And Giving Birth To Something.

Today Eye Would Like To Present An Idea To The International Community. This Idea Is Based Upon A Community Development App. With All Of The Many Comments Received Daily By Many Of You All In The International Community, Eye Thought It Would Be Ideal To Do A Co-op Online Community App? The App Will Consist Of Things We Collectively Need As A Global Community. Furthermore, It Will Be Interactive. Online Chats And Interactions With Certified Experts In Different Fields And Various Backgrounds.

We Will Also Build Our Communities Around The Basic Necessities Needed For Everyone. IE Food, Clothing And Shelter For All. Money For All, Freedom For All And Independence. It Will Be Like A One Stop Shop Online For All Of Our Needs. We Will Be The Supplier Of All Of Our Products, Goods And Services. We Can Only Have minimal Impact In Our Local Community, But Eye Think We Need More Of A Global Impact In All Of Our Communities. As We Know Nothing In This World Is For Everyone.

However, Eye Thought Eye Would Blog About The Idea? We Can Have Thousands Of People At A Time Online Interacting With Experts On Various Topics Of Interest To Each Individual. Some Of My Personal Favorite Topics And Talking Points Will Probably Be Based Upon In House Financing/Banking, Community Development, International Loans, Real Estate And Multiple Streams Of Income. All Of This Can Be Possible Through Our Very Own App.

So Those Of You Who May Be Interested In The Idea Of Us Having Our Own Online Community App, Please Share Your Comments And Views Here And/Or E-mail Us At Thank You For Your Support. Yours Truly. King El Rey

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