Community High Priest

Thors Day July 20, 2023

Lamat Yellow Crystal Star

Kin 168

Wanique Khemi Tehuti Shabazz AKA The Galactic Worldbridger

Operations Director Of WRFG 89.3 FM Atlanta

Community High Priest (CHP) The Purpose Of Our Co-operative Community Having A High Priest Is To Ensure The Stability Of The Community. What Do We Mean By This? In Ancient Nuwbun Or Olmec Culture, 

Pa Ala Kahun Or The High Priest Maintained An Important Role In Stabilizing A Co-operative Community By Assisting The Indigenous People’s Of The Community With Overstanding Themselves Or Thaahum In The Olmec Language. 

Our Rashun-aat Or Ancestors Overstood Themselves Through Cosmic Law And Galactic Science. Thus, The High Priest Provide What Is Known As A GPS (Galactic Personal Signature), Of Which Gives You A Blueprint Of Your Galactic Star Lineage And Purpose Here On Earth/Tiamat. 

Knowing Your Purpose Will Help You To Better Overstand Yourself And The People Around You. This Also Will Inspire Galactic Conversations About The True Guardians Of The Galaxy Called The Nuwbun-aat/Angels Or The Messengers Of God. People Such As Stan Lee And Jack Kirby, Knew Something About Some Of This, Based Upon Their X-Men Wearing Olmec Helmets And Their Black Panther Movies Cloning That Of The OG’s/ Olmec Guardians Of The Galaxy And The Black Jaguar Knights From Antiquity.

X-Men Is Nothing More Than The Xi-Men Of The I.X.C.D Or The Imperial Xi Clan Dynasty. Just As Shuri Is Nothing More Than She-Ra, They Just Changed Two Letters. Will Eye Ever Get Credit For Exposing These Kinds Of Things? Probably Not, But Who Cares Right? Just Know That They Hijacked Our Culture And Sold It Back To Us With A False African Narrative Attached To It.


Clearly, All Of This Was Taken From Our Ancient Ancestors Stories And The World Is About To Learn The Real Truth About Native Americans. Many Of You Are Unaware Of The Real Truth About Native Americas And The Origin Of The Black Panther Story. This Is Something Of Which Has Been In My Family For Many Thousands Of Years. In Fact, 9 Years Before The Movie Black Panther Came Out, Eye Cultivated A Former Female Artist Of Which Was On My Record Label.

Eye Named Her Amuress Zera, Which Means Princess Seed In The Olmec Language. She Was The Original Princess Shuri 9 Years Before The Movie “Black Panther” Came Out. Furthermore, Eye Wrote A Song Called “Black Jaguar” For Her And Gave Her The History Of The “Black Jaguar” In Olmec Culture. Again, This Was 9 Years Before The Movie Black Panther Came Out In 2018.

However, Eye Know That Most Of You All Do Not Believe Me, So Eye Am Now Providing The Receipts. Below Is A Photo Of The Female Artist Eye Trained For Years, Formerly Known As Amuress Zera, Who Violated And Abandoned Everything Eye Provided To And For Her. The Question Is? Why Is King El Rey© Exposing This Now? Well, Eye Really Just Want To Be Transparent About My Experiences In What Eye Refer To As Phase 1 And Promise Myself To Not Repeat The Same-thing In 2 As Eye Experienced In Phase 1.

So, Please Don’t Come To King El Rey© Looking For Handouts Anymore. Those Of You Eye Have Taken Care Of For 5 Years Or More, Please Don’t Approach Me Again. Now, Why Does Princess Shuri Look So Similar To Amuress/Princess Zera From 9 Years Earlier?


Please Click The Play Button To Hear The Song Black Jaguar Written By King El Rey©.

See, There You Have It. Once Again The Sword Of Truth Prevails. Eye Named Her Princess Zera The Black Jaguar And Wrote The Song Black Jaguar For Her. In My Journey Eye Have Found That Our People Have A Variety Of Sicknesses And Eye Choose Not To Banter With Their Sicknesses At This Point. Anyway, It Appears That Marvel Has Cloned Princess Shuri The Black Panther From The Nuwbun/Olmecs Again?

You All Tell Me? As Many Of You Are Known Not To Believe What Eye Tell You. So, You All Tell Me. Years Ago Eye Provided You All With The Black Jaguar Knight And The Galactic Signatures On Our 1 Liter Of Bottled Water,

We Have A 1 Liter Bottle Of Our Water We Specifically Designed For Our Children Years Ago; With Images Of The Black Jaguar Knight, Of Which The Black Panther Story Was Borrowed From In Olmec Culture. Each Super Hero On The Label Is A Super Hero Of Your Galactic GPS. As You Learn More About Your Galactic Personal Signature, You Will Become More Famillar With The True Guardians Of The Galaxy.

IWB Co-op Water/Super Power H20

For Years Eye Have Told The World That There Is No Wakanda In Africa, But Only In The Americas, North, South And Central. Wakandas Usually Consist Of Water Above, Underneath Or Around A Mound. So, For The Mere Fact That There Are No Mounds In Africa, Further Confirms That There Is No Wakanda There.

You Have Wakanda/Waconda In Oregon, Wisconsin And Kansas. The Waconda In Wisconsin Also Have The Jaguar Mounds, Better Known As The Panther Mounds. This Is Where The Real Wakanda Exist And IWB Co-op Water Is Really Wakanda Water. The Great Spirit Baalumku Jaguar Is On The Front Of Our 1 Liter 32.OZ Bottle.  


The Real Wakanda Has Always Been In The Americas, North, South And Central.


As You Can See, Not Only Was The Great Spirit Water Healing Spring Called Waconda, But Also A Princess As Well. This Is Further Confirmation Of The Royalty Associated With Wakanda/Waconda. Royalty Verses The False Slave Narrative All Day. Eye Also Wanted To Say Don’t You All Dare Say Eye Just Started Saying This, Because Eye Have Receipts Of Which Go Back Many Years Before You All Ever Heard Of Wakanda. In Fact, Eye Have A Song Called “The Return Of Wakanda”, Written More Than 3 Years Ago, Which May Sound Like It Was Written After The Last Black Panther Film? All Whom Were Involved With This Project Can Confirm It. Please Refer To Black Jaguar Vs Black Panther Scroll Written By King El Rey©.



It Appears That Eye Just Keep Proving People Wrong And No One Has Publicly Given Me Credit Yet? Eye Mean What Can Anyone Say? Other Than He Was Right The Whole Time. Why Are All These Other People So Much More Popular Than King El Rey©? When They Haven’t Done Anything Remotely Close? Huh? What? Eye Can’t Hear You?

Eye Don’t Ask For Much In Case Y’all Forgot? Just Give Me My Flowers Why Not? Many Of You Know What Eye Have To Say About Popularity? Eye Will Pop-U-And-Larity If You Get In My Way… Yep! Another One For You All To Steal And Not Give Me Credit For It.

Anyway, In The Movie “Black Panther” It Is Said That “El Dorado” Is In Africa, As We Know It Is In South America, As We Also Know That There Is No Black Panthers Or Jaguars In Africa. 

This Again Is A Hidden Agenda, To Divert The Real Indigenous Black People From Their Homeland To A Foreign Land And Territory. In Order For Us To Build As A Co-operative Community, We Must Do Away With All False Narratives. There Are Three Primary Culprits. 1. We Are All Africans From Africa. 2. We Are All Descendants Of Slaves. And 3. The Arrogance Of Your Ignorance Of White Supremacy. These Are The Top 3 Things Of Which Plague Our Communities In My View.

Most Of You Are Unaware That A Vast Majority Of The Indian War Stories Were About Black Native American Tribes Resisting White Supremacy And Resistance To The False African Narrative. Thus, The Afro Native American Slave Myth Is An Oxymoron. Just As The Greek Word “Moor” Is Akin To Moron. The Word Moor Is A Greco Roman Term Established By European Christians In The UK, From Their Masonic Lodge To Insult Black People.

It Is A Derogatory Term Of Which Means Idiot And Many Of You Don’t Know This Simply Because You All Do Not Speak The Languages In Question? Therefore, The Questions Eye Ask Do Not Make Sense To You? Why Does The Moroccan Flag And The Moorish Flag Have A 5 Pointer Star Triquetra On It? In What Language Was Africa Called The Motherland? Yep! Eye Await Your Response.

Did You Know That There Is A Place In Central America Called Tula? Well, The Word Tula Is A Ancient Nuwbun And/Or Olmec Word For Motherland. Now, Why Would The Olmecs Call This The Motherland, If It Were Not The Motherland? Did You Know The Same Word Is Also In The Etowah Mounds In Cartersville Georgia?

If You Study The Etymology Of The Word Etowah, You Will Find It Comes From The Word “Etula” Meaning Motherland. Please Find Article Called “The Americas Revealed” By Richard L, Thornton And Find That There Are Olmec Symbols And Glyphs In The Etula Mounds And Crowns Of Which Are Said To Be That Of Mayan Gods?

Well, What Do You Know? King El Rey© Is Right Again. The Evidence Of What Eye Teach Is Overwhelming. Funny How Almost No One Believed Me Before, But Now Eye See So Many People Cloning My Teachings And Acting As If They Never Heard Of Me Before? Hmm.. Eye Wonder Why That Is? The Masses Are Asses And Keep Stealing From My Classes.

The Secrets Are In The Language And This Is How You Gauge The Land. It Appears To Be A Consistent Effort To Deprive Us Of Our True Birthright, Heritage And Star Lineage. This Again, Is Why Knowing Your GPS TM© Coordinates Is Important, To Properly Navigate In Your Purpose. 

According To My GPS TM© Eye Am Etznab The White Crystal Mirror, With The Crystal Tone Of Cooperation. So, Eye Was Born To Be Co-operative And Build Co-ops. Furthermore, Eye Carry What Is Known As The Sword Of Truth.  In Essence, Eye Cut Through Your Illusion And Falsehood. Therefore, The Truth Has Made Me Free From Control, As Eye Am Free, Autonomous And Independent. 

You Too Will Be Free Once You Know Who You Are And Your True Purpose. Wanique Khemi Tehuti Shabazz Is The Nuwbun High Priest Here To Help You I.O.U, Inner Over And Understand Who You Are And Your True Purpose. 

Our Community Needs This To Bring Our Community Closer Together And To Help Us Become More Sustainable. Get Your GPS TM© Now… It’s The Return Of The Imperial Xi Clan Dynasty. To Get Your GPS Today Please Visit Also Click Below For The Imperial Xi Clan Dynasty King’s Crown Anthem Ins. Remember, The “God In Me Is Everything And We Not Worried About Anything, Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing And Eye Don’t Want To Hear Nothing.” Yours Truly, King El Rey©

Rap God Royalty Track Suit Collection

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If You Will, Please Tune In To The Melanin Frequency Vigil This Sunday @ 6:00PM July 23, 2023 For More Galactic Crown Jewels.

It Appears That Eye Am Returning To Maptime Jazz Again This Shadow/ Tonight For Another Episode Of Who Is Xi (She)? This For Some Reason Has Been The Most Popular Topic, Segment And Subject Of All That Eye Have Covered? Who Is Xi (She)? Is Something Eye Started In 2019, It Was A Scroll That Eye Wrote About Women.


Clearly This Was Before The Late Great Kevin Samuels, As He Wasn’t Known As An Image Consultant Or Internet Sensation Until 2020 As Eye Overstand It? So, Again Don’t Pretend As If Eye Got This From Him. In Fact, Eye Had Never Heard Of Him Until Late 2021 Or Early 2022. Furthermore, Eye Didn’t Even Know He Had Transitioned Until Early This Year. However, Eye Think That He Was A Great Image Consultant. May He Rest In Power For Eternity. Community Development Is My Primary Focus At Present And Eye Think Traditional Women Vs Modern Women Is An Intimate Part Of That Development.

So Eye Will Be Covering What Eye Think Is Important Segments Of Who Is Xi (She)? And Why?

Most Men Who Know Of This Scroll They Either Hide It From Women Or Use It To Establish A Better Relationship With Women. So, Tune Into WRFG 89.3 FM This Shadow And Get The Crown Jewels.



The Return Of The Helmet/The Hell Y’all Never Met©