Co-op Community Development

The Year 2012 AD Was The International Year Of Co-operatives And IWB Co-operative Recieved It’s International Approval Number By Way Of The United Nations. Furthermore, The United Nations Granted Us And Other Co-ops Worldwide A Full Decade To Establish The Co-operative World We See Fit For-ourselves. We Are Now In Our 13th Year Of Being Established And 11th Year Of The Co-operative Decade. The First Decade Was Considered Phase 1 And The Next Decade Is Considered To Be Phase 2 For Us.

Therefore, We Have New Goals And Endeavors For Phase 2. Below Are Details Of Our Community Development Goals.

IWB Co-operative Is Now Making Preparations To Galvanize The Local, National And Global Community. In Co-operation With Wanique Khemi Tehuti Shabazz Of WRFG Community Radio, High Priest Of Our Co-operative Community, Former President Of Sevananda Natural Food Co-op, We Will Be Live Broadcasting Our Community Efforts And Plans For Real Change. 

We Must Address The Basic Necessities. Food, Clothing And Shelter For All. As Well As Resources For All. The Universe Is Boundless And The Planet Earth Is Abundant In Resources. Thus, There Should Be No Lack In Anything And Poverty Should Not Exist. 

Our Community Development Efforts Will Consist Of People In Our Local, National And Global Community. A Diverse Combination Of People From All Walks Of Life, Regardless Of Race, Color, Creed Or Religion. 

However, Our Primary Objective Is First Helping Ourselves And In Order To Do This We Must Combine Our Efforts In Our Own Collaborative, Cohesive, And Co-operative Communities. An Autonomous/Independent Economic System. Therefore, Our System Does Not Consist Of Politics Or Government.   

INGO’s Or International Nongovernment Organizations Are Organizations Independent Of Government. They Operate From What Is Known As The Private Sector. The Private Sector Is The Part Of The Economy Or Industry Exempt From Direct Government Control. 

Furthermore, Consumer Co-operatives Operate In A Marketplace Independent Of The State.  This Obviously Allows Us To Be Autonomous And Independent. According To The International Co-op Alliance There Are 7 Internally Recognized Co-operative Principles And Principle #Number 4 Is Autonomy And Independence. 

This Essentially Gives Us The Freedom To Build A Better World. This Has Been The Theme For International Co-operatives Since The Year 2012. In Fact, There’s A Co-op Book Called Build A Better World By Kate Askew On This Co-operative Topic. 

We At IWB Co-operative Have Been Building A Better World For Ourselves Since 2010. The Idea Is To Build Sustainable Communities And Generational Wealth. 

How Do We Build A Better World? First By Collaborating, Co-operating And Combining Our Efforts. It Has Been 13 Years Since Our Initial Establishment And We Are Currently In What Eye Refer To As Phase 2 Of Our Development. 

This Is The Phase Where We Focus Heavily On Our Community Developments. 

1. We Have Partnerships With Enterprise, National And Alamo For All Of Your Leasing, Rental And Automobiles Needs. We Can Access Commercial Vehicles Of All Types And Exotic Cars Through Our Emerald Club Partnership. 

2. We Have A Partnership With Indigenous Entertainment Another INGO For All Of Our Music Needs, Rap God Royalty Apparel And Media Services. 

3. We Have A Partnership With MOB/Mentality Of Bosses For Establishing A Better Relationship With The Youth And The Next Generation Of Black Entrepreneurs. Our Children Need Us More Now Than Ever Before. 

4. We Have A Partnership With Life By Design Coaching Network For Aiding Us With Mental Health Issues Within Our Communities. Life By Design Consist Of Therapist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist And Life Coaches. 

5. We Have A Partnership With IRT LLC/ International Reggae Train For Our Media Needs IE., Television, Radio And Film. 

6.  These Are Just A Few Of Our Current Partnerships However, We Are Currently Looking To Establish Many More Partnerships And Business Relationships Worldwide. 

7. We Have Been In Association With The United Nations And The International Co-op Alliance For More Than A Decade Now. 

8. We Are Looking To Expand Our Co-operative Housing Market And We Are Currently In The Process Of Establishing An Elite Country Club And Wholistic Wellness Center For Our High Net-worth Clients. 

9. We Now Have A New Community Studio Location For Our Podcast And Will Be Providing Studio Rental Options For Others In The Community. For Those That Don’t Know, Music Is Always At The Forefront Of All Great Movements. So, You Know The High Resonance Mu-sic Will Be In The Building. Let It Be Understood INS. Is Below. This Was The First Mainstream Hit By King El Rey In 2015.