This Is Confirmation From The Atlanta City Council, A Proclamation Acknowleding Our Day Out Of Time And Global Peace Through Culture Day.. 

We Not Only Have Our Own Language, Culture And Co-operative System, But Also Our Own Calendar(s). 

Our Calendrics Are Based Upon Natural Time Of 13:20, Meaning 13 Phases Of The Moon And 20 Solar Cycles Of The Sun. This Calendrical System Was Mapped Out And Put Together By None Other Than The Nuwbun-aat Called The Olmecs. 

As Ascendants Of The Xi Dynasty Olmec People, It Is A Must That We Pay Homage To Them Our Rashun-aat/Ancestors.  

We Are Grateful That Since 2005, The Atlanta City Council Has Recognized Our Day Out Of Time And Global Peace Through Culture Day. 

Courtesy Of Wanique Khemi Tehuti Shabazz, Operations Director Of WRFG 89.3 FM And High Priest Council Of Our Co-operative Community, Along With The Pan Atlantis Crystal Core Team Of Indigenous People’s, We Got It Done. Our Noble Family Has Made It Possible For All Atlanteans To Celebrate Global Peace Through Culture On July 25 Of Each And Every Year. 

The Acknowledgment Of This Will Be Remembered Forever. July 25 Of Each And Every Year Is The Acknowledgment Of Our Day Out Of Time (DOOT). 

July 26 Is The Galactic New Year On Our Calendar(s). This Is Our Rebirth Of Time And New Year’s Celebration. If You Are Unaware Of Your Purpose In Your 13:20 Anatomical Structure, Eye Suggest You Get Your GPS TM© From The High Priest Of Our Co-operative Community. 

Your Body And Our Calendar Is One In The Same. You Have 13 Major Joints In The Human Body And 13 Tones/Frequencies Also, Which Coincides With The 13 Phases Of The Moon And The 13 Tones Of The Universe.  

Furthermore, You Have 10 Fingers And 10 Toes, Which Coincides With Our 20 Base System Of Solar Cycles By The Sun. Therefore, You Are Designed To Be A 13:20 Six Pointer Star, Not A 12:60 Artificial Five Pointer Star. 

12:60 Time Is Artificial, Meaning 60 Minutes 12 Times And Five Pointer Stars Are Artificial. There Are 6 Points To Man And Woman, Not 5. You Have 2 Legs, 2 Arms And 1 Head. However, You Also Have A Penis If You Are A Male And You Have A Clitoris If You Are A Female Correct? 

Those Are The Two Main Points The Last Time Eye Checked? So, You Know Eye Am Still Mr. Olmec Punch And The So Called Conscious Community Will Still Get Eaten For Lunch. Yeah We All Know What A Moon Is? That Is Usually Someone Showing You Their Butt. So, Get You’re Butt Out Of My Face.

Why Can’t The So Called Conscious Community Be Taken Seriously? 1. They Don’t Have An Indigenous Or Native Language That They Speak? 2. They Don’t Have Any True Identity? And 3 They Don’t Have A Calendar Of Their Own? 

Well, That Spells 3 Strikes You Out To Me. But And Butt, Eye Am Always Up For Debate Though. They Say Don’t Take The Bait, Don’t Take The Bait, Because There Is A Hook At The End…

Again, Please Get Your GPS TM© Today And Learn About Yourself For Real And Get On Natural Time. Attached Is Dancing With The Stars For Your Listening Pleasure. Click On Audio Link Below And Hear Me Breakdown The Archetype Sun Gods On The Olmec Calendar. The Time Is Now.

Thank You Atlanta, Yours Truly King El Rey