Co-op Events & YCI

Co-op Events & The Youth Co-operative Initiative 

Prince Chikan At WRFG Radio Station Planning Co-op Initiative

In The Mist Of Our New Community Developments, We Have A Number Of Things To Address. The 3 Primary Things For Us At The Dawn Of Our White Overtone Wizard Year, Is Workshops, The Youth Co-operative Initiative And Our New Recording Studio Rentals For Up And Coming Artist To Record, Do Podcast And Live Stream. 

We Will Host A Number Of Workshops Throughout The Year, A Number Of Tournaments And Training Programs. This Will Include A Number Of College Universities, Recreational Facilities And Parks. All Events Will Be Sponsored By IWB/ The Indigenous Water Bank Co-operative.  On September 30, 2023 Two Of Our Most Active Co-op Members Will Be Doing A Workshop With Atlanta Elevate Powered By Grameen America. 

Wanique The Community High Priest & Prince Chikan International Music Artist

Wanique Khemi Tehuti Shabazz Will Be A Guest Speaker And Prince Chikan El Rey Will Be A Performing Artist. If You Are In The Atlanta Area Please Come Out And Show Your Support. 

Following This Event Will Be Co-op Month. For Those Of You Who May Be Unaware, The Month Of October Is Co-op Month. Yes, We Have A Whole Month As Co-ops To Celebrate. Also On Moon-day October 9, 2023 Is Indigenous Peoples Day.


The White Overtone Wizard Year According To The Olmec Calendar Is Now Bestowed Upon Us. Time For You All To Get On The Correct Time And The Correct Calendar(s). We Are Bringing Forth The Old, Yet New World. No More Codependency Upon A Failed Society And Capitalistic System.

A Failed Economy And False Greco Roman/Egyptian Calendars Are No Longer An Option For Us. Sorry Khemtian Philosophers, The Egyptian Solar Calendar Gave Birth To The Gregorian Calendar. The Egyptian Calendar Would Lose A Day Every 3 Years And The Romans Thought They Could Fix It, But They Couldn’t. So, What Calendars Are You All Using? Don’t Say Ethiopian Calendar Because It’s Even Worse Than The Two Calendars Mentioned.

Those Of You Who Are Ready For A New World Please Join Us And Those Who Are Not We Overstand. September And October Are Shaping Up To Be Very Busy Months For Us Here At IWB Co-operative.

November And December Is Clearly Holiday Season Here In The Americas. However, We Usually Do Our Winter Giveaways During This Time. Stay Tuned For Our New Youth Co-operative Initiative Updates. Youth Tours, Summits And Events. Yours Truly, King El Rey©, Galactic Agent Kin 38.


Since Eye Am Feeling Generous Today, Eye Am Going To Give You All Another Exclusive From My Rap God Royalty Album. Animal Speaks 2 For The Youth/Children. This Is For The Children Of The World Who Enjoy The Art Of Story Telling And Are Currently Embracing Their Childhood.